(Sha Of) Anger Management

Oh so monochromatically evil!


So, I’ve been wanting to go bring down the Sha of Anger with Ophi for the past couple of days, as it’s part of the first phase of my gear up plan; in this case, I was after the Claw of Anger which is a quest-starting item.

After hearthing back to Stormwind (via Dalaran, as is my routine) I was happy to see someone in General forming a raid group to kill the angry lil’ critter. Dutifully, I asked for an invite, got one, and beat a path to the Kun-Lai Summit. I found the rest of the raid members, who were standing in a group and surprisingly organised. We then opened fire.

To say the least, it was chaos. Adds were flying in every which way, along with black clouds and mind controlled players. Being a world boss didn’t help much either; mushan mobs were everywhere (and seemingly thought it was a good idea to run right into the pack of heavily armed, screaming people) and it lasted a good while too thanks to the Sha’s giant health bar. I may be wrong, but I’ve never seen a boss with 300 million health before; it took us a good while to chew through that even with about 25-30 people.

Still, eventually the dust settled, and Ophi was able to claim her Claw as well as a Cache of Sha-Touched Gold (containing a measly 25g) afterwards. She will be wearing her new boots with pride.

Well, at least until she gets her shiny green transmog gear together…


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