DZ Friday Top Five: Guns

Welcome to the first DZ Top Five, where I list my personal favorites among various aspects of Azeroth. Since Ophi is a hunter first and foremost, I’m going to cover all things that go boom and put holes in things. Onward- and don’t forget your safety goggles, wouldn’t wan’t to take out an eye. Or both eyes. Eh.

5- Consortium Blaster

Bought from Outland, the Consortium Blaster is a lovely piece of gear. Made to resemble a giant magic revolver, the Blaster features a big scope, a… thing underneath (seriously, what is that? A magazine? An exhaust pipe?) and is topped off with a tiny sun at the back to power it with. The only reason this doesn’t feature higher on my list is because they put a face on the end of the barrel, which (I think) detracts a bit from the overall look.

You can buy the Consortium Blaster from Karaaz in Netherstorm for just under 35 gold (at exalted with the Consortium), or alternatively you can make its poorer brother the Armor-Plated Combat Shotgun at 450 engineering.

4- Widebarrel Flintlock

Take a cannon and a rifle stock and chain’ em together. Light fuse, point at thing to destroy, and  wait for the fireworks. The Widebarrel Flintlock is one of my favorites simply because of its blatant unrealism- try making that in real life and you’ll be killing not just what you point it at, but yourself and any unlucky bystanders as well. Still, if you roll a Horde hunter and you want a truly huge boomstick (stop laughing in the back) go grab one.

You can get this as a drop from Fjola Lightbane in 10-man Trial Of The Crusader, but unfortunately for us Alliance only the Horde can get it. Shame.

3- Core Marksman Rifle

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple. I like this gun because it looks like something you’d put together in your garage using some spare parts and bits from the family car. Plus, it looks quite realistic (well, aside from the obvious). Your mileage may vary, but I know I like it.

You can get the Core Marksman Rifle using Engineering and a recipe off any of the Molten Core bosses. Alternatively, Alliance players can buy the Sawed Off Hand Cannon for just under 47 gold (at revered with Alliance Vanguard) or both factions can get it as the K3 Pachyderm Prevention Device as a quest reward from Ample Inspiration.

2- Wrathfire Hand Cannon

Totally unique and with a hilarious model, the Wrathfire Hand Cannon is something you’d expect Wile E. Coyote to off himself with. I love it for the fact that it’s just awesome to have and shoot- in a similar vein to the Widebarrel Flintlock above, it’s something that has a real sense of power to it.

You can get this wonderful weapon from Grandmaster Vorpil in the Shadow Labyrinth. Why he’d be carrying this about and not using it, I can’t imagine.

1- Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle

A very desirable gun for many players, this gun looks like a cross between a long rifle, a combat shotgun and (true to its name) a sniper rifle. With a rather dark color scheme and an excellent design, it’s like it almost wants to go out and cause damage. It also looks particularly realistic; indeed, were it not for its particular location and it’s unique model, I’d wager we’d see a lot more of these snagged for transmog.

As stated above, the gun is in a rather difficult location; it drops from the Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan. This means not only do you have to fight the RNG to snag the gun, you also have to hope the boss shows up (being, as it is, a random boss encounter). Many times have I smashed through half of Karazhan to find Romeo and Juliet waiting for me instead of sweet firearm goodness. Sigh.

That’s it for this week- Next week we go into the wide world of Swords. See you then! Oh, and do make sure you return your goggles to the attendant outside. 😀


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