Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Faux Pas’s in WoW

Each week, the folks at Blog Azeroth set up a topic for bloggers to write replies to. This week’s topic is given by Ninevi of Flask Half Empty– go on, give them a visit!

This week’s Shared Topic is this:  Is there anything that you consider a faux pas in WoW; in ‘srs’ gameplay like Raids and Dungeons or just silly things like transmog disasters? Going by the definition below:

A faux pas, noun, \ˈfō-ˌpä, fō-ˈ\ is a violation of accepted social norms (for example, standard customs or etiquette rules).
The term comes originally from French, and literally means “misstep” or “false step”. (via Wikipedia)

Now, there are a few things I would put in this category.

The first: Being a loot ninja. Now this is a faux pas we’ve all seen (or even committed once or twice, accidentally). Someone ‘needs’ an item (regardless of whether they actually need it as an upgrade) for the purposes of vendoring or another cause. Now the rules and definitions of this are tangled somewhat when you think about it; multi-spec characters might use it for their off-spec. Heck, people just might want it because it’s a neat transmog. Therefore, one might say the real faux pas is in the tendency of some players to not communicate with people in a random dungeon group; the ‘ninja’ doesn’t ask if anyone else needs it first.

Second: swearing in the chat box in a PUG dungeon/LFR/battleground. Personally, I can’t think of any reason one might do this (oh, what a goody-goody I am! :P) except to unnecessarily show their frustration. I mean, think about it; Warcraft doesn’t have any built in VOIP (or it didn’t when last I checked) so there’s no ‘accidental’ swearing when you’re on voice activation. You can swear to yourself, sure, but there’s no need to communicate that to all and sundry. I can think of plenty of ways to show frustration in words without expletives.

Third: People who pull everything in sight. I’m talking about that one player who will, contrary to all tactics (and usually, common sense) run into a huge group of mobs whilst poorly suited for a tanking role and/or whilst the rest of the group are fighting the first group. As with the first example, this is pretty crooked in it’s definition; there are plenty of times where one will press a key accidentally and attract another group of baddies, or where the first group forces the players into a second group- the first can be fixed with some crowd control and a quick ‘sorry’ in the chat box, the second is nobody’s fault anyway. But when someone runs into every enemy they find like they’re Saxton Hale then it gets a little ridiculous.

Fourth: Wearing ridiculously ill suited gear for your level and class. Once again, this is a bendable definition (boy do I LOVE those!) in that every so often, you’ll see a somewhat new player who simply doesn’t yet have the knowledge of what is best for their character (heck, we were all there once) and will run around equipping whatever’s new and shiny. This I can excuse, at least between the levels 1-30. However, after these levels, we venture into the area where people should have either found a guild, some friendly advice from players, or a guide from the ‘net that tells them what they should equip. Seeing a hunter equip Intellect gear after level 30 at least (and I’ve seen it!) is nearly inexcusable.

That’s enough from me for now. See you next Thursday for another Shared Topic 😀


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