Pandaria, One Week On

Bring your can of Raid, you’ll need it.

I’ve been romping around on Ophi this past week, getting her up to 90. At the time of writing, she’s about a quarter of the way through 89, milling around in the Dread Wastes (killing bugs as she goes). Easily the scariest part of Pandaria, simply due to the large amount of mantid about; I think I’ve left skeletons scattered about pretty much everywhere.

As for the expansion on a whole, I must say it’s been a nice little journey so far. Pandaria looks lovely as a whole, even in places like the Dread Wastes. It very much captures the feel of a land that hasn’t been touched for centuries; from the nature to the buildings, from the wildlife to the native Pandaren.

It also serves to remind us how badly the war between the Alliance and Horde can disrupt and damage the lives of those that just want to be left out of it.

Look at the Sha. Without the feelings of conflict that the war brings to the shores of Pandaria, the place would have been nice and peaceful- no sha to stir up trouble. That the player’s actions (as part of a larger whole) have brought on such destruction and problems for the Pandaren people is something to think about; and even then, they still want to fight with us than against us. Plus, we see the extremes to which the Alliance and Horde will go just to kill more of their enemies- the Horde drop a bomb on Theramore, killing a lot of people (including a few famous faces). The Alliance, upon reaching Pandaria, shoot and kill orcs who don’t even have a fighting chance; swimming up to the shore to save themselves rather than to attack those upon it.

Safe to say, it teaches us all that neither side are as pure and righteous as they believe.


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